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Ethereum Mining Profits

Below are live up to date statistics of the Lioltu mining rig. Outlining hash rates profitability and account balances.

Ethereum Block Statistics

Last Block: 14838563

Node Count: 794

Total Ether Supply: 120,910,620.8115

Ethereum Gas Prices

Low Gas Price: 22 Gwei

Average Gas Price: 22 Gwei

High Gas Price: 22 Gwei

Ethereum Prices

Ether Price USD: $1,974.86

Ether Price AUD: $2,784.55

1 Eth = 0.0666946035576349 BTC

Mining Rig Hash Rates

Reported Hash Rate: 794.89 MH/S

Current Hash Rate: 775.43 MH/S

Average Hash Rate: 776.82 MH/S

Lioltu Account Balances

Unpaid A/C: 0.00675837835173213 ETH

Value: $18.82 AUD

Mining A/C: 1.4377118259e-05 ETH

Value: $0.04 AUD

Tax A/C: 0.000278298781299 ETH

Value: $0.77 AUD

Savings A/C: 0 ETH

Value: $0.00 AUD

Daily Earnings: 0.009768133169218707 ETH

Value: $27.20 AUD